Myofascial Release

A technique that focuses on pain from myofascial tissues30 min. Ι $XXX Myofascial (my-o-FASH-e-ul) release is a technique that focuses on pain from myofascial tissues — the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support your muscles, bones and your organs. Myofascial release works specifically with the connective tissue (fascia) using slow, sustained pressure on targeted […]

Gentle Therapeutic Massage

Deep relaxation massage techniques tailored to your specific needs1 hr 30 min.Ι Starting at $85 All too often we overlook the benefit of simple, gentle, rhythmic, nurturing touch. For clients who are frail, post-surgery, or after a fall or injury this type of touch may be the just what the doctor ordered. This technique is […]


Applying pressure using thumb, finger and hand techniques to certain reflex areas30 min. Ι Starting at $80  Reflexology is a science based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all glands, organs, parts, and systems of the body. The physical act of applying pressure […]