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Our Team's skill sets and our facility is dedicated in the rejuvenation and restoration of your body and mind.


Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist
Prenatal Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist,
Massage Graduate Teacher
Advanced Practice Esthetician
Massage Therapist
Advanced Practice Esthetician
Massage Therapist Apprentice
Massage Apprentice
Massage Apprentice
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Healing Touch Spa helps men and women who value a “wellness-oriented” lifestyle reap the benefits of consistent self-care. We provide education, specialty techniques, innovative treatments, and a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere unlike any other in Southern Minnesota.Since the day Healing Touch Spa was founded in 1987, we have never compromised our mission to provide “Pampering with Substance”. We pay attention to every detail, providing every client with the highest quality service – in every department.


Mary Jo Majerus’ entrepreneurial journey and a life-long passion for sharing the healing properties of Therapeutic Massage began in 1986 in a barn on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Mary Jo was a middle school teacher, but she had taken a keen interest in massage therapy. She was unable to afford the trip from Philly to New York City or Boulder, CO (the only U.S. cities that had certified massage therapy programs at that time), so she jumped at the opportunity to learn in her own backyard.

She left the barn with renewed purpose – one she carried with her when she and her family moved to Rochester in 1986. Not long after the move, Mary Jo found herself a single parent and without an income to care for her two young daughters. She had no choice but to go on welfare while she struggled to earn enough to support them. She started work as a Massage Therapist in a small room inside a tanning salon and then moved into her own space in Downtown Rochester. Business was inexplicably slow. When Mary Jo called the other massage centers in town to inquire, she was shocked to learn all of them were houses for illegal prostitution!

Mary Jo knew for her business to be successful she needed to take action. She became an advocate for legitimate massage services and worked tirelessly to change the negative stigma by teaching community education classes and speaking anywhere that would have her. By 1988, Mary Jo had moved her business 2 times and was near the Mayo Clinic. She began giving massages to doctors and nurses, terminally ill patients with cancer and HIV, and the families of patients visiting the clinic. In 1999, she returned to teaching when she opened the Massage & Spa Professional Academy (MSPA).

Despite the challenges, Mary Jo’s commitment to wellness and massage has never wavered. She’s trained hundreds of students over the last 30 years, and her pioneering work and persistence paved the way for other legitimate providers to enter the market.

Mary Jo is proud to announce the opening a new location in the Hilton Hotel, downtown Rochester. Healing Touch Spa offers an experience unlike any other in Southern Minnesota.