Tension Zone Treatment

Muscle Melting Mud and Hot Stone Massage on neck, shoulders and back1 hr 20 min. Ι $189 Is stress getting the better of you? We have the solution… “Tension Zone Treatment.” Using Phytomer’s Muscle Melting Mud offers soothing anti-inflammatory and healing properties. While the mud is heating your back muscles, you will receive a soothing […]

Ultimate Escape

Invigorating body brushing. exfoliating, and polishing of the skin1 hr 50 min. Ι $270 Your spa journey begins with an invigorating body brushing to exfoliate dry, dead skin. A Dead Sea Mud Mask is applied to your back to infuse your skin with essential minerals and draw harmful toxins from your body. Your hands & […]

Mineral Infusion Body Wrap and Massage

Remineralizing body wrap and massage leaving you restored and renewed1 hr 50 min. Ι $270 Sea water is the only medium where trace elements are present in the perfect balance as intended by nature. Oligomer (contained in all Phytomer products) is the only completely natural ingredient in the world able to preserve all the essential […]

Destination Zanzibar

Coconut scrub and Zanzibar lotion for polished and soft skin1 hr 20 min. Ι $180 An invitation to let go and practice well-being as you travel far away to exotic beaches and seas for the planet’s most uniquely restoring ingredients. Inhale the scent of the beach in the air, listen to the sounds of the […]

Remineralizing Body Wrap

Re-balancing sluggish cells, leaving skin feeling silky and energized50 min. Ι $135 If feelings of fatigue, stress, and low energy are creating imbalance for your physical and emotional well-being, sea water is the perfect solution. An essential oil infused seawater gel provides all the trace minerals to rebalance sluggish cells, in turn eliminating the cause […]

Blissful Foot Treatment

This is bliss for your tired feet!30 min. Ι $85This service is a 30 minutes of bliss for your feet, beginning with a Spa Ritual Body Polish to help remove all of those dry rough areas of your feet. Your feet are then wrapped in our Wen Fa towels. This is followed by a blissful […]


From one person to a group of 81 hr Ι Price varies There’s nothing like treating yourself to a massage or a facial, where you’re focused on nothing else but melting into a blissful puddle of relaxation. But that hour usually goes by lightning fast and it always ends with you wishing that, well, it […]


The use of essential oils (extracted from herbs, flowers, resin, woods, and roots) in body and skin care treatments is known as aromatherapy. Used as a healing technique for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, essential oils aid in relaxation, improve circulation, ,help the healing of wounds and to  promote health and […]

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral therapy (CST) a system of gentle touch designed to enhance the functioning of the membranes, tissues, fluids, and bones surrounding or associated with the brain and spinal cord. It is a gentle hands-on treatment that may provide relief from a variety of symptoms including headaches, neck pain and side effects of cancer treatment […]


You walk on them all day, but did you know your feet do more than carry you from one place to the next? They also have a unique connection to balanced health and well-being. In a form of bodywork known as Reflexology, the feet are said to contain reflex areas that mirror and connect to […]