Our Team

Nikki Lee


  • RCTC: CNA certificate
  • Aviva Institute: Midwifery studies
  • Massage and Spa Professional Academy: Completion of 600 hour LMT Program



If there is one thing Nikki is passionate about is ensuring the well being of those around her. Her mantra throughout life will always be that the highest form of richness is caring about, and for, the human soul. Her hobbies and interests involve activities that ground and center her in order to be able to give to those around her. On any given day this may include a plethora of activities in nature, music and dance.  She also enjoys being creative with crafts and is famous for her detailed decorative cakes.  She loves traveling adventures, especially those that are water related!

Massage Style

Nikki’s uses multiple massage techniques and crafts a massage that will meet each client’s goal. Nikki has an extensive clientele that come to see her on a regular basis to maintain their flexibility and well being. Others come in with the goal to maintain their psychological well being by de-stressing through massage.

Nikki’s style of massage varies from an overall relaxing massage with a seamless flow to extensive deeper tissue work and detailed attention to dysfunctional areas. Her clients love Nikki’s method of releasing tension.  She uses multiple techniques to slowly and mindfully find and release tight areas with ease.  Clients truly appreciate the long lasting benefits of her massages!

Because of her background in the Midwifery Program she is an expert in Prenatal Massage and has been instrumental in creating a Prenatal advisory for the pregnant clients at Healing Touch Spa. 

Nikki has great appreciation and care for all her clients and for advocating one’s health and well being in the most holistic ways.  She has gratefully been able to provide massages at Healing Touch Spa since 2013.