Our Team

La’ Mika Davis

Position: Massage Therapist, Massage Graduate Teacher 


  • Rochester Technical Community College (AS) Associates in Science 
  • Rasmussen University, Business Certification 
  • Institute of Integrated Healthcare and Massage, Certificated Massage Therapist 


Interests and Hobbies:

La’Mika has a passion for sports and loves to help with youth activities. She has a creative and entrepreneur drive, working in massage therapy, sports, and clothing.  She enjoys spending time with her son and loves to travel in her time off. She is passionate about helping others grow, find balance within their bodies, and mentally being their best selves.

Massage Style:

Her vast knowledge in anatomy and experience in the fitness industry sets her apart in her field. Deep Tissue treatment, and Myofascial are also in her realm of practice.

Treating the body holistically and finding the root cause of pain is a key factor in La ‘Mika’s approach to bodywork. Her work can help those suffering with chronic pain, athletes looking to improve performance, or anyone seeking to improve overall relaxation and wellness.