Our Team


Position: Massage Apprentice
•Indiana University — Bloomington, IN
   Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts/Humanities 
•BlackTree Pottery Studio — New Carlisle, IN
   Pottery Apprenticeship (2 years)
•Licensed Level 2 Reiki Practitioner — Sundance, UT

•Healing Touch Massage Apprenticeship — Rochester, MN

Interests and Hobbies:
Besides a massage therapist, Allyce is also an artist. She often spends her time working on pottery, painting, sewing, cooking, and/or creating in some form. She has sold many original pottery pieces at various craft shows/local businesses around her hometown in Indiana. Other than art, Allyce loves to read, listen to her record collection, and practice reiki at home. 

Massage Style/ what I love about massage:

From a very young age, Allyce has felt drawn towards the healing path. Massage therapy felt like the right route to take after she completed her level 2 Reiki training in March 2023. Her favorite part of massage is being able to use intuition to help others feel more comfortable. Although she is very new to massage, Allyce is very excited to someday combine her knowledge of massage and Reiki, which will hopefully facilitate healing for all of her future clients.